10 Tricks to remove dark circles from your face easily with things from home

When a person tends to have dark circles it is very difficult to remove them completely. Dark circles are caused by a buildup of blood pigments in the eye area in the face of poor circulation.

Tiredness isn’t the only one to blame. Food and genetics also have something to do with all this. However, we can minimize them with the food we eat and some other trick.

10 Tricks that can help you minimize dark circles
1- Milk thistle

This plant has amazing detoxifying properties that clean our body and improve liver function. You can take it as a nutritional supplement.

2- Cotton

A home remedy for immediate results is to moisten cotton in moisturizing lotion for the eye contour, put it in the freezer and apply it to your eyes. By applying cold, you speed up the blood supply and deflated the eyelid.

3- Massages

The products for dark circles should be applied with a very gentle massage to reduce coloration and promote drainage.

4- Sleep

Although you probably already know, sleep is very necessary to decrease dark circles, but it must become a habit. Sleeping 8 hours on weekdays is useless if you sleep 3 on weekends.

5- Keep the screen away from any device

The screen of our mobile or computer accelerates eye aging and generates dark circles. That’s why we should keep any of these devices about 50 centimeters away and pause every hour of use.

6- Green leafy vegetables

Our diet directly influences our dark circles. If we increase iron intake, with foods such as green leafy vegetables, we will improve tissue oxygenation.

7- Avoid coffee

Although coffee keeps you awake, it can also deprive you of sleep and therefore affect your dark circles.

8- Do not use face cream

Face creams have too much fat and your eye contour will inflate from water when you can’t synthesize the product. This will lead to the appearance of bags.

These tricks will help you reduce them. It is very important to observe the hue of dark circles. Red ones are usually age, greenish tend to be for a bad break and abodes tend to be genetic.

What did you think? Do you know any other tricks to minimize dark circles? Tell us in the comments!

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