7 Things That Start To Happen to Your Body When You Start Having a Green Tea a Day

Are you one of those people who drinks coffee when you wake up? If yes, we’re going to give you reasons why you’re going to want to switch to green tea.

This drink that is thousands of years old is native to the Chinese, and even if you don’t believe it can give you just as much energy as coffee. If you’re still thinking about it, read on.

Tea contains multiple beneficial nutrients
1- Helps you lose weight

Green tea is a great ally for weight loss as it has the power to burn fat and also accelerates our metabolism and improves our digestions.

2- It will help you go to the bathroom

Another reason it helps you lose weight is that it improves digestion and helps prevent fluid retention.

3- Anti-aging

As we said, it contains numerous antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agents that will help remove toxins from our body and protect us against premature skin aging.

4- Prevents diabetes

Because it helps control blood sugar levels, it’s a healthy way to have diabetes under control.

5- Strengthens the system

It is also actually used as a mouthguard, as it has some antibacterial properties that neutralize bad breath and help protect the gums. At the same time this drink, it helps with concentration and memory, so it is ideal for students.

To make all these benefits effective, we recommend drinking 1 to 3 cups of green tea, 20 minutes before or after your meals. But don’t over it, because if you drink more green tea from your account, maybe your head might start to hurt or you may have to go to the bathroom more than the bill.

Are you still thinking about switching to green tea?

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