Healthy snacks in case you want to snack between hours

They have repeated it to us to the fullness: itching between hours fattens. However, the reality is that this belief is not entirely true. If what you eat in the middle of the morning is an ultra-processing of the office vending machine, not only will you put on weight, but you will be giving your body a food product of very poor quality, rich in fats, sugars, salt…

However, if you opt for a healthy snack such as fruit, guacamole, or even preparations based on legumes, peanut butter (to its right extent and without sugar or palm oil), oats, dark chocolate with a cocoa content above 75%, and even quality protein powder, you don’t have to fatten or put your health at risk. One thing has to be made clear and that is that, as dietitians now argue that breakfast is not the most important meal of the day and you can not do it if you do not feel like eating anything else get up, pecking is also optional.

Do it only if you are hungry or if, for example, you have not had breakfast and in the middle of the morning you want to fill your stomach if you go to late lunch if you are going to the gym and prefer to train having eaten something before…

As in everything, people are not exactly the same as each other and there are those who will not need to deserve or lead a more sedentary life that asks you only for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Learn to listen to your body to eat when you’re really hungry and adapt your diet to the lifestyle you lead, active or, on the contrary, more sedentary.

If you’re one of those who make a mid-morning stop for a drink or don’t skip a snack, take note of these healthy snacks, some are high in protein and very satiating, perfect not to devour in the main meals of the day. Sweet and savory, with minimal preparation or longer time in the kitchen. You choose from the 10 delicious proposals we’ve selected from Instagram.

Which ones are you staying with?


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